Energy Testing

Energy production (metabolism) is vital to sustain every aspect of life, and consequently is an important component of your health. Therefore understanding your metabolism is key to improving your health, weight management and wellbeing.

We obtain energy from the food (fuel) we consume. The digestion of these nutrients and the subsequent absorption makes it possible for the mitochondria in cells to transform the potential chemical energy of food into the energy we use for life. Producing optimal energy means choosing the best balance of foods for your energy profile and lifestyle. For instance, at rest the body is designed to produce around 80% of its energy from fat stores.There are many reasons why our energy production may not be optimal. These are individual to you and therefore require an individual investigation, to accurately determine the cause and monitor the effects of any treatment.

Compromised energy production leads to a range of common metabolic disorders including Obesity, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue and Metabolic Syndrome which now affect 1 in 2 Australians.

Metabolic Disorders are Reaching Epidemic Proportions

This growing problem has highlighted an urgent need for human metabolism testing and individualised programmes, as current management is not designed for individualised assessment.Tools such as equations and BMI calculations are inaccurate and often result in frustration for both you and your practitioner. This is because they do not take into account individual variations in body composition, hormone function and physical activity levels, resulting in prescribed diet and exercise routines that do not meet your metabolic needs, and therefore do not achieve desired results.

At METS your energy production can be accurately assessed using a technology called Indirect Calorimetry- the gold standard for assessing human metabolism.Information gathered from ECAL includes your daily energy requirement at rest in calories, which source this energy is being produced from (fat or carbohydrate) and the efficiency with which you use oxygen.

There will be a number of factors that determine your optimal programme, including your current energy profile, whether or not you are seeking to lose weight, or are trying to increase your energy levels.