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METS can become the Last Weight Management Programme you will ever Need!

Typical weight loss programmes report a 3-15% long term success rate. At METS                          an incomparable 80% of clients who have lost at least 5% of their initial body weight                  have kept it off for 6 months or more. 

Energy production is vital to sustain every aspect of life.  Compromised energy production leads to a range of common energy disorders, such as chronic fatigue, obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, which now affect 1 in 2 Australians.

At METS we use scientifically validated technology designed and manufactured here in WA, that helps you to understand how your body produces, uses and stores the energy so vital for a healthy life.

What is Energy Testing?

Energy testing can provide you and health/fitness professionals with key information about your metabolic and nutritional health. For example,

  • It can measure the amount of calories you burn each day
  • It can indicate whether you are burning calories from fat or from glucose (carbohydrate)
  • It can measure how efficiently you make energy
  • It can measure the effectiveness of any diet or fitness programme for you

Example - Weight Loss

Well if you have ever tried to lose weight, you will have heard about Energy Balance. Balancing the amount of Energy (food) you take in with the amount of Energy (work) that you do and the amount of Energy (fat) that you store.

Based on YOUR results METS will develop an individualised nutrition and exercise plan that WORKS FOR YOU!!

  Imagine, No Pills, No Shakes, No more Hours in the Gym - METS is the first programme that truly is focused on You.

How else can METS help me?

Energy Testing is only part of the solution. At METS we provide a complete programme, of testing, treatment and management. Working together with your personal METS Coach, we are confident your weight loss and energy goals can be achieved, with lifelong benefits.

Clinical Weight Loss NOW available in Baldivis, Rockingham, Mandurah, Kwinana, and Cockburn area.

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